Starting a business can be challenging. Who says it is not head aching? With the broad range of businesses online, a startup business could be invisible online. So, to build an online presence, check this artilcle on CBS News.

Several ways to market a startup business can be challenging, especially for starters. Some helpful info that can help your path to a successful online presence.

Use paid search advertising!

A paid search turned into a popular advertising channel for the startups. It will allow business proprietors to purchase laser-targeted traffic from the search engines, such as Bing and Google. You can have the two leading paid search networks:

  1. Bing Ads
  2. Google AdWords

Both paid search networks have key feature keyword targeting with a CPC pricing model. CPC is cost-per-click, a tool used by many business proprietors to help their online page stands out and organic gain traffic. Either of the two networks can help create custom ads; for a startup business that appear in search results when someone digs for a keyword related to your business.

Marketing Strategy 101

For example, if the startup sells an enterprise-grade cybersecurity tool, you can target keywords, such as:

  • Cybersecurity for enterprise
  • Enterprise cybersecurity software
  • Enterprise anti-malware

CPC pricing model is the most appealing feature of the paid search, which is only charged when someone clicks on the ad. There are 10 thousand users that see your ad. But, if no one clicks on it, you are not charged. You will generate a lot of clicks if you create relevant and fascinating ads. But, you are still online charged per click.

You have to simplify the optimization process of your paid search campaigns for a higher ROI (return on investment).

Sponsor an affair/event

Finally, sponsoring a local affair/event helps your startup on prospects’ radar. You will pay the event organizer a small fee to be a sponsor and promotes the business with the following:

  • Signs
  • Stationary
  • Banners
  • Booths

Starting a business can be challenging

You may use some other marketing materials at the affair/event. It is a mutually advantageous arrangement that is highly effective at driving sales after done correctly. Business owners must sponsor affairs/events that are relevant to the operations or what their offers are; if a startup a business is wellness and mobile health app.

The bottom line is don’t let the startup business market share slip to the competitors. There are a few strategies to promote a business and develop more sales. As a startup business, you have to get through all of these as a starting point of your online business journey.