You can get help from estate planning professionals both throughout the estate planning process and later in probate court. They are knowledgeable with the local, state, and federal laws that will impact your estate. An estate planning attorney, often referred to as an estate law attorney or a probate attorney, is a qualified and experienced lawyer who is familiar with the state and federal laws that specify how your estate will be accounted for, valued, distributed, and taxed after your death. However, they can also be hired on an hourly basis to help you maintain your estate, act on your behalf to handle disputes when necessary, and ensure that your will is carried out as intended when necessary. Estate planning attorneys frequently charge a flat fee to help you create legally binding documents such as wills and durable powers of attorney, but they can also be hired on a flat fee basis to help you maintain your estate. A power of attorney holder for a recently departed person’s estate can also receive assistance from an estate planning attorney in navigating the probate court procedure. In fact, depending on the sort of assets in the decedent’s estate and how they are distributed properly, an experienced estate planning lawyer may be able to help you completely avoid probate court.

estate planning attorney

It may be in your best advantage to contact an estate planning attorney right away if a beneficiary (or even someone who has not been named as a beneficiary) declares that he or she plans to contest the will and sue the estate of a deceased relative or loved one from which you stand to benefit. Such disputes could leave all beneficiaries wounded and potentially drain the estate’s assets.

Why is it advantageous to hire an estate planning attorney?

Many estate planning lawyers offer flat rates for drafting legal documents or doing estate planning. More complex responsibilities, including representing you, settling conflicts, or making sure the will is followed, will cost more and be billed by the hour. The price you pay will vary based on the services you need and where in the nation you reside. An estate planning attorney can ensure that all of your paperwork are valid and enforceable, as well as that your affairs are in order. Rates should be pre-agreed upon with your attorney. Without legal representation, your affairs will be handled by your family, who won’t know how to divide up your assets. If one of the documents needs to be altered, you should have everything you need after discussing with an estate planning lawyer to ensure that your plans will be carried out.